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The Cloaked Cork

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Carrd made by Viirx Astra

About the venue


The Cloaked Cork is a non-profit bard venue for friends to hang out, request music and afk to their hearts content. There's plenty of seating, standing and dancing room. RP as little or as much as you like, we only ask that ERP be kept private.Open Saturdays 8-11pm EST.

Password: Corksters1

About the owners

Viirx Astra

The venue side of the duo

Originally coming from Azeroth, Viirx has been traveling for the past ten years looking for some new world to call home. Upon landing in Eorzea, she immediately fell in love with the atmosphere, the locals, and the music! It was then she decided to call Lavender Beds home.
She worked relentlessly to buy a house and start finding her place here, making a few friends a long the way. You’ll often find her teleporting between locations so if you need her, you better catch her while her feet are on the ground, or have some tequila for her. That will catch her attention.
You can check out her photography carrd below!

Fox Echos

The bard side of the duo

On his first day of visiting Eorzea, he heard a tune about town. He followed the sound until he found a little lala playing “Under The Sea”. From that moment on, he knew his life’s purpose.. to play music and bring the visitors and residents of Eorzea the same joy he had just felt.
You’ll often find Fox spacing out around town, most likely dreaming up his next song, or you might find him and the boys in a pop up show!
You can check his band out below!


Closed until August


  • Please sign up to express your interest.

  • Pick a song, one that nobody else is playing. Just one.

  • If there is any accommodation you might have, please let me know. I'll do my best to help.

  • Date and time will be determined based on interest, but you will have plenty of time to perfect your song.

  • If you sign up, please stay committed to the challenge.

Calling all midi editors!
The Cloaked Cork presents a challenge unlike any other. We all know editing midis can be hard. There are songs that are a breeze, and songs that just don't work out in the end. One genre I have yet to hear, but oh so desperately want to be blessed with in game is Lofi.
This is a call to the bards who are willing to put forth all of your amazing talent to make this dream come true.This is not a competition, but a challenge. There will be judges who will go unnamed, some from the bard community, and some who aren't familiar with it at all to ensure fairness. They will not be judging the band, but will be judging your song and just how comfy cozy lofi you really get.The judges are only because I know how much effort and pride go into your edits. I want to compensate for the time you guys put into this challenge.


Thanks to our lovely Nolana/A'kalan, you can represent the Cork at any time! Sizes range from Smols to Tall!

Carrd made by Viirx Astra